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 Being Mystical


(MBSR) Courses, Day Retreats & Intro's to Mindfulness 

Metatronic Healing  One to One, Skype, Distant, phone or in person Sessions

Metatronic Healing Group  

Regular Weekly Daytime & evening & Monthly groups plus Introductory sessions and day Retreats

Anusha Healing

Treatments and Training. Monthly Support Group for Anushees

Reiki Healing Treatments & Training

Welcome to Being Mystical


"Assisting you in clearing the blocks

to awakening to your Truth.


Helping you to recognise your connection to One-ness 

& step into your power" 

The Benefits of Therapies,Healing and Courses with Louise

Heart Activation

Metatronic Healing®, Mindfulness & the Healing modality of Anusha each bring different benefits towards healing and wholeness and are aimed at helping you :-


  • To heal and empower yourself
  • To clear old patterns and stories, to live in the present and release the past
  • Gain clarity about your direction in life
  • Energetically heal or spiritually and emotionally find support because you are sensitive, intuitive or psychic
  • Be able to "hold your Light" in any situation
  • Develop your spiritual gifts and abilities
  • Connect to Ascended Masters and Archangelic beings for energetic support and insight 
  • To become conscious of your wounding and to work through it to create a shift in consciousness
  • Develop self healing abilities
  • To develop present moment awareness, acceptance, non-judgemeng and self compassion

Being Mystical is sharing the angelic approach to awakening and healing that is Metatronic Healing ® - A New approach to healing in new times. Things on earth are speeding up now, and more and more opportunities are available for us to practice living each moment from a place of truth and centering.  Metatronic Healing evolved to assist us in getting to that place of centredness and Truth, Energetically lifting and clearing deep wounds, limited beliefs and stories held in our cells which have been keeping us stuck.


Mindfulness Practise helps us be present with whatever is, helping us to love what we have and cultivate an attitude that supports our health and wellbeing. We are human "Be-ings" after all. Theses therapies, groups and training support our coming into wholeness so we can Be our fullest, truest selves.


Anusha Healing, another new healing modality for changing times, channels the sparkling brilliance and energy of the stars and supports deep healing. Training is available to all levels.


Being Mystical is grounded in Metaphysical wisdom and understanding & has the underpinning of training to all levels in Reiki Healing. 

 "Let go dear ones, let go. Nothing real can ever be lost, only seen and experienced on a higher level. Be not afraid to fall into the arms of truth, for what you find there will be much more than you could ever have imagined in the old and limited energy".


"It is time to let go of ALL that is old and finished, no matter how strongly you have believed you needed something in order to feel happy"


The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaelle

Healing Space,The Cabin in the Garden 

The Cabin, Wendover

All Group and one to one session are held in my beautiful Cabin in the garden. It is feels like you are immersed in nature which in itself is healing. There is still a bit of work to do to add decking at the front but inside is cosy, blankets available and heating so good throughout the year.

Contact us

You can reach Louise on:

t.01296 696285

m.07742 185 819



You can also use our contact form.

Being mystical







Tel. 01296 696285/

Mob. 07742 185 819

In-person & Absentee/ Phone (UK)

Metatronic Healing®

1 hour 30 mins £60

1 Hour £45

1 Hour -Anusha & Reiki

Healing £45


Soul Voice Group

September 10th


Mindfulness 8 Week MBSR Course



Introduction to Mindfulness 

Saturday September 10th

10-12 Noon

To book contact Louise

By donation


Mindfulness 8 Week MBSR Course



Mindfulness, 4 days over 4 weekend MBSR Course

September Course starts Monday 12th September

Monday 19th September

Monday 3rd October

Monday 10th October


£250 includes Retreat Day Sunday October 23rd 





Wendover Morning

Metatron Healing®

Group Meditation

Weekly on Fridays

 Summer Break-

No session on 12th & 19th August back as usual on August 26th 

10-12 noon

The Cabin, Wendover



Wendover Evening

Metatron Healing®

Group Meditation

Alternate Thursday

There will be Summer sessions on August 4th & 25th, Sept 1st then starting back on September 29th weekly





Laceys Yard Chesham

Monday Metatronic Healing Meditaion Group

Monday evenings

Summer Break- No session on August 15th. 22nd or 29th.

Back on Sept 5th





Metatron Healing®

Retreat Day

Thursday 28th July & October 19th

Wendover 10-4pm



Anusha Level One

One Day Training






Anusha Level Two

One Day Training

October 12th





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